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      Deyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd


      LDK-DEYUAN BEARING FACTORY is the high-Tech enterprise and professional manufacturer with a total of 30 years of history,various ball bearing units and rod end bearings. Our advantage is to meet customer’s special requirement per their application by different kind of material combination. The company has developed successfully All stainless steel mounted units, Thermoplastic bearing housing, All stainless steel rod ends, Slot injection molded rod ends, all plastic rod ends and Zinc alloy miniature bearing units etc which have been widely used in different kind of industry and enjoy good reputation home and abroad.

      Through years’ development, LDK has set up a royal work and engineering team. The advanced production facilities, the perfect QC facilities, the strict quality control system and the abundant capability of R&D have made a very strong foundation for the company’s continuous progress. The company focus on “People-oriented” and innovation and actively accumulates elites while training recruiting. The company keeps developing new products in order to meet different kind of demands.

      In 2011, the company has brought in fully automatic casting production line, automatic bearing assembly line and developed automatic processing machinery for housing with its own intellectual property rights( patent pending). With bore grinding machinery coming into force, the dimensional accuracy, roundness and roughness of the inner diameter of the bearing housing are improved significantly; therefore lead our product precision grade to the same level of the top brands. Through years’ effort, the company has successfully become a High & New Tech enterprise from a labor-intense enterprise and achieve requirement of “low carbon omission and environment friendly”.

      Our Products are widely used for the agriculture, textile, mining, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, printing, dyeing, airport, aviation, air-conditioning and various kinds of conveying and rolling devices. A domestic network of distributors, and distribution center exists throughout China, Our products are exported worldwide; LDK enjoys good reputation for its good quality.

      LDK DEYUAN BEARING FACTORY is located in the developed economic zone of southeast China that enjoys superior geographical position and easy shipment access by sea and air.

      In 2019, our exclusive agent in the United States, ISUTAMI USA LLC, had officially started operations in Roselle, IL. ISUTAMI USA LLC is led by Mike Kenney, who has been around in this industry for about 4 decades. 

      We welcome our clients to contact them in USA for a smooth and better execution of business.

      Bearing Units manufacturers

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